Monday, April 11, 2011

Republican Two-Step

It always amazes me that Republicans can talk about saving the country from the deficit, when it's their policies and actions that put us here.  Oh, yes, I'll agree that Democrats have been involved by not making some decisions earlier, but think about this - twice Democrats have gotten into the White House and gotten this country into sound financial footing, only to have to let a Republican back in, and away we go again.  Only now, we use the same speeches to try to turn this all around - on the backs of the middle class, or should we start calling the middle class serfs again.

I listened to Morning Joe today, and heard one guest mention that, yet again, the Republicans will give additional tax cuts to those who really don't need any further help, because they're getting all the breaks now, while the middle class will have to suck it up and try to survive.  Let me tell you, I'd love to put some of those nice Republicans in our situation and see how they'd take to having to choose between housing or a celebratory meal to honor a birthday or anniversary, to choose between gas to get to work, or to go see your grandchildren.  Yes, that might truly be instructional for them! 

All the talk about Social Security and Medicare, all the talk of repealing the President's Medical reform - just another way to stick it to the middle class once again!  Mika had it right - this would be a lot easier to take if the rich old boys were paying their way just like the rest of us -- but they aren't, and I don't really expect that things will change enough that they will.  Unless our President takes up his campaign promise and goes after taxes on those same top dogs that are killing us to line their pockets.  I have no problem with someone making money - more power to them, just pay your portion of the bills as well, and stop taking away from those below you in order to get more!

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