Friday, April 22, 2011

Did you ever

Did you ever sit in a room full of very conservative, not very well educated people and wonder where their brains were?  Recently, sitting in the lunch room at work, three or four of my co-workers got going on the whole birther thing - you know, with enough money, you can cover up anything, including having been born in Kenya, and make it to the White House!  I wouldn't trust him for anything!  Trust who, someone asked.  "OBAMA!"  Do you really believe all that birther stuff?  Sure, why not?

OK, I'm sorry, but pull your head out of your a*# and join the real world, you conservative ditzes!  How many times does the President of the United States have to produce the paperwork that declares he is a natural born citizen, just like the Constitution requires to run for President of this country?  This country, where a brain isn't required to vote or open your mouth to show just how dumb and uncaring you happen to be.  Just because the Donald has launched a possible run for the White House on the birther agenda doesn't mean every dip-wad in the country has to show their lack insight and perception!

And, get used to it, folks, because if Obama runs again, barring something major going wrong, he will win against the current crop of GOP wannabes!  I personally hope he does run again, despite the number of unfulfilled promises, because he shows the world that we are serious about all the freedom crap we try to sell them, all the equality stuff we keep preaching and try to avoid.  And I hope a reasonable and sane woman runs after him and wins!  Of course, if Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin run, I'm really hoping they come off as stupid and insipid as they have in the past and present!

Michelle Bachmann is an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota, just like Sarah Palin is to Alaska!  There are better women to represent both states, women who would show just how intelligent and thoughtful the people of those great states truly are - of course, not all of them are!  And we all know many who aren't.

Perhaps, one of these days, intelligence will be dispensed without regard to empty-headed fools, and the old saying about hearing that they were handing out brains, and thinking they said trains so X didn't get any, will fall into disuse!  One can only hope!

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