Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Republican Spin

I listened to a Republican congressman speak on the budget issue this morning, and while he tried hard avoid pointing fingers, he essentially said that if the budget doesn't happen, it's the President and Democrats that will kill it, because the Republican-dominated House has set the standard that must happen.  Then he went on to announce, in so many words, that if Planned Parenthood wasn't cut out of the budget process, it wouldn't happen.  He then uttered that Republican fighting phrase, "The American people delivered a pretty clear message to Washington, D.C. in the last election." 

Hm, perhaps, congressman, perhaps, but what's to say you really heard that message?  I listen to you and your colleagues speak of the Republican plan to cut a huge portion of the budget, but I don't hear you, individually or collectively speaking about ending tax breaks to the wealthiest of our citizens, or to the corporations that feed off this country's middle class, while making sure their executives get huge bonuses for unsafe and downright disastrous safety and environmental practices.  Let's hear the full message, shall we? 

Republicans and Democrats need to hear the message, that Americans want the rich to pay taxes just like the working class people, that corporations need to share the burden since they insist on and get breaks from the government, that health care and social security are issues deeply valued by the people, and that we want RESPONSIBLE leadership out of our elected leaders!

Listen up, Capital Hill!

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