Friday, May 27, 2011

Why is it . . .

that the Right can make outrageous comments about people and no one blinks, but when one on the few who speak loudly and powerfully for the Left does so, it's a big deal and there is either a suspension or a firing in the offing?

First, Olbermann, now Ed Schultz.  Come on, people!  Just listen to Rush or Glen for a while, and figure out that while we don't need to stoop to their level, occasionally something slips out in the heat of the moment - make an apology and go on, for crying out loud!

Think about it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another spoof . . .

Here we go again!  Another "expert" whose figured the end of the world, this one for the second time, and, for the second time, was wrong.  Two points make me angry and sad!

First people won't even take the time to read the Bible to see what it says, or to learn enough to understand it -- simple, really, because Jesus said straight-forward that ONLY God KNOWS when.  Not that you can find a mystery code, or numbers will reveal -- ONLY GOD KNOWS!  Simple!!

Second, people were making money off people's fears about events they don't understand, but hope they are on the right side of -- as in, I hope I wake up in heaven when this is over!  It would be so much easier on us all, if people would simple do a little reading and thinking for themselves, instead of depending on the crackpots of the world to sort it all out for them.

Think!  It's why God gave you brain!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the faith front . . .

Well, here goes another "biblical scholar" who missed one crucial little piece of information while predicting the end of the world - that Jesus said only God know when the end will come.  I don't know how many of these nut-jobs over my lifetime have come out and duped people gullible enough to follow along.

Perhaps the one I was most upset with was the radio evangelist who told his followers to sell everything they had, give away all but what they would need to travel to a mountain outside of Phoenix, Arizona - where he conveniently lived - where Jesus was returning, and he would meet them.  Several did exactly that, but, not surprisingly, the leader did not!  My thought was that the courts should have stepped in, stripped him of his homes, his fancy cars, and his bank account, then divided it up among the followers who actually followed his advice.  Instead, they got to start over from scratch, while he simply started gaining new followers. 

On a related topic, someone sent through a Facebook post about the so-called Free items on there - and asking people to re-post if they cared enough about their friends -- my concern is that those gullible enough to fall for it will do so whether we re-post or not.  Just as people have followed the crazies that keep predicting the end of the world "with certainty," but against the word of the one who is supposed to come again at the end of the world; people will continue to look for the free, the easy way out, the too-good-to-be-true.

My hope is that people will start to engage their brains, do a little research before jumping on the band wagon, consider that oft-repeated advise that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

Think about it, and resolve to think more and more often!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blame the Immigrants . . .

I agree with the MSNBC host who said immigration is only frightening, if you don't know our history as a nation; if you do, immigration is an open door to new energy, new hope for our country.  Last night, a co-worker quoted a couple of "analysts" who in part blamed the current fiscal mess on "all the Mexicans" who have come into the country over the last several decades - now, why is it that it is only now a problem? 

I pointed out that it seems more likely our over-infatuation with capitalism is finally biting us in the backside!  We've taken it to every country we could, touted its greatness, and are now finding that we don't like it biting us!  Corporations are finding that cheaper labor overseas means higher profits at home.  Other nations are finding that they can turn the tables on us, and we are indebted to some of these to significant levels.  All because of that wonderful system that is also giving us ridiculously high gas prices, cars  that are priced higher than my parents bought their four-bedroom-ranch home in CA for and have to be paid off in 20% of the time they had. 

Welcome to the world we helped create, my fellow global citizens!  Wake up, and smell the coffee, roses or whatever!  We are as much or more to blame than people who came here looking for the dream we pursue as well.  It's been our number one export and now reality bites.

Let's open up, see the reality of these new citizens, and start joining the rest of the world in that great global community - instead of building our walls higher, thicker and wider.  Maybe that will help us recapture some of our lost leadership role, put us more in touch with everyone else, and really help the world!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

If the Dalai Lama . . .

can say it, I guess I need to add my own  thoughts.  Revenge seems something so strongly innate that we humans are unable to grow out of our need for it.  Someone doesn't something we find horribly wrong, or even horribly embarrassing, and we want revenge.  In the case of bin Osama, yes, I found September 11, 2001 a day that will live in infamy, even more so than Pearl Harbor.  Yet, in truth, both were acts of war, an inhuman and horrible activity we, again, seem unable to grow beyond.

I'm saddened by the vengefully, gleefully raised voices around me, gloating over, or questioning the truth of claims Osama is dead.  I'm saddened that we continue to engage in war, that we cannot get beyond the "us versus them" mentality that sets us up for this type of horror.

I truly pray we may begin to grow into our full potential, ending war, finding ways to honor our dead and bring a healthier climate to our world.  And, like that spiritual leader who is currently country-less, I understand the death, and the reaction.  I am still saddened, as I was saddened at the deaths of thousands of world citizens - not just Americans that died in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, or the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.  I'm saddened by any death, because it ends of life, and, in some cases, ends the possibility that someone one may learn, may change, may be able to say, "I'm truly sorry for the harm I've done."

May God grant us true and real growth into the image in which we were made.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we go again!

Once again, state and federal legislators want to tell WOMEN what they can and cannot do with their own bodies!  Tell me, when was the last time you heard of a state legislature that wanted to tell MEN when they HAD to get or that they could NOT get a vasectomy?  Never!  Why?  Most of those legislators are men, living in a hazy and very unrealistic past - idealized, in fact, beyond reality for their own nefarious reasons.  The reason lies in the specific beliefs of one specific segment of the religious community.

The legalized medical procedure is one step along the path that ancient wise women and medicine women practiced - coming up with potions that would abort unwanted pregnancies.  Women down through time have had reasons not to carry fetuses to full term, and they have always found those who would help them.  Only in our more modern time did this practice take the deadly turn it did back in the 50-70's.  News stories abounded of women found dead in dumpsters, because of botched back alley abortions performed in non-sterile and often dangerous manners - such as sticking a straightened out coat hanger into a woman in order to kill the fetus and cause and miscarriage.  When society revolted against this and legalized the procedure, the radical fringe modified their theology to make it not only acceptable, but even virtuous to kill providers, their staffs, their guards and some of their client-patients.

The latest of these was the murderer who walked into a Wichita, Kansas church on a Sunday morning, pulled a gun and shot Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider already targeted unsuccessfully, though he was shot in both arms by a woman who also belongs to that radical fringe.

It is my belief, that until we in America can move to the point where freedom of speech and freedom of religion are not freedom to make your own laws, we will continue to vacillate one issues like abortion, birth control, sex education and true appreciation of the religious similarities and differences of various religious systems.  When we can get to a point where we appreciate other faith stances for their uniqueness, their similarities and their contributions to societies, we will be able to offer to everyone various religious beliefs and allow them to find the system that works for them.  And we will understand, as I was told in my youth, your freedom of speech or religion ends where my nose (life) begins.  We already recognize this in connection to racial bias, but seem completely unwilling to hold that true in other areas of life - such ass a woman's right to control her own body and what happens to it. 

Some will argue this doesn't apply to the abortion argument, because it takes two to make a baby.  Well, then why do we still allow men to impregnate women against their will, then walk away from the responsibility?  Why do we still punish the rape victim, even more than the "convicted" rapist is, because of the stigma attached to them?  Why do men legislate what happens to women, but no one legislates what men can and cannot do to their bodies?  Why do we perpetuate a myth that all those aborted fetuses would be adopted by people who want them? 

I know, from past experience, that last IS NOT true!  We have thousands if not millions of children who are available for adoption, and never get adopted - because they aren't cute cuddly babies without health problems. Give the beautiful baby dark skin, a mental or physical challenge such as deafness, cleft pallet, Downs Syndrome - ooh, NO, we don't want that one!  Ah, you see?  Not everyone one is truly desired!  Myth busted!!

Think about it?  No, we've done enough thinking!  It's  time to set this one to bed for good!  A woman is as much in control of her body as a man is his - and we set ourselves against God's own love when we deny it.