Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Stamdard?

Here we go again!  The Republicans that raised the debt ceiling SIX times for "Dub-yah" are now arguing adamantly against such a move when Obama is the one in the White House.  They are again pushing to make the middle class care the rich, who aren't paying their share of the tax burden of this country.  Boehner argues for and gets what he realistically wants in the stop-gap measure, then turns into the mad-bulldog politician that will NOT accept anything except the death knell of his opponents!  Eric Cantor, who was part of that Republican debt ceiling raising, now argues that any such move would destroy this country, and must be avoided AT ALL COST - does that mean he's willing to give up a lion's share of his political "wages" and his independent wealth to help this nation?  Ryan proposes what would be another big move away from a capitalist society to a feudal society with the landed (rich) nobility and a serf-servant class that subsists on the leavings of the rich.

Republicans argue that we are a nation on the verge of collapse - have they looked at China and others that are also in a debt crisis?  Have they looked closely at what is happening in Europe?  It appears to this angry progressive that the financial scene of the world is in trouble, with corporations taking the reins from government - ushering in what science fiction has postulated for decades.  It's time for a reality check!  Yes, we need to balance the budget; yes, we need to get spending under control; NO, we don't need to turn over control of the country to multi-national corporations!

Please, people, use your brains to actually think about this bally-hoo, and note carefully the facts of the shifting sands of political argument.  Please start holding all elected officials accountable for representing US!

Think about it!

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