Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Someone is starting to get it - the birthers don't want to accept anything but their own beliefs!  A news story tonight mentioned something that neither I nor my wife remember, of John McCain's eligibility to run based on his birth on a US base in the Panama Canal zone, a matter quickly put to rest and forgotten.  Now, on to Obama, two years in to his presidency, who continues to be haunted and hounded by the birthers over his supposed birth somewhere other than in the US.  More documentation has been produced than anything McCain produced, including investigations by news media - most of which is owned and controlled by conservative business moguls - and all of the documentation and investigation comes to the conclusion Barak Obama is a natural born American citizen.

But the birthers won't let go, why?  Hints are coming out that this may be racially motivated, and it might be, but, to be honest, the Republicans have shown themselves to be oblivious to facts when it is inconvenient to acknowledge - think of global warming, oil producers gouging the public, most of the nation favoring a woman's right to choice, taxation of the rich.  So, why wouldn't an ultra-conservative wing of the Republicans take that tendency a bit further?  And why wouldn't those who don't want to look beyond their own prejudices continue to hold their own stilted views?

It is important that we acknowledge that there are people in our society who will hold minority views in extremes, and they need to be seen for what they are, watched to avoid belief moving into deadly or even injurious action, as in the Scott Rader killing of a doctor in that doctor's own church on a Sunday morning.

It is equally important that our nation start to move beyond the past, to move beyond a slave-master mentality, to join the global community we "claim" to lead. A president of color is tremendously uplifting to our image in the world, and the birther controversy is belittling to our nation!  We can hope we are much closer to a woman president to further enhance out image in the world.

Think about it!

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