Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Cartoonist Gets It Right!

So, at work last night, I decided to get the educational materials going - reading the comics from Sunday's paper.  That, of course is a joke.  Well, mostly, because there in Doonesbury was the Donald, and I have to say the caricature was right on, as was the attitude.  In the comic, Trump is talking about his run for president, that he has not yet announced.  The radio host points out the Donald's highlighted lead in the polls is because there isn't any of the GOP heavyweights around.  The host also points out that the Donald probably has this surge because he is "one of the best known celebrities," to which Trump responds, "One of, one of?  Who's bigger?"

I've seen actors try to make the move from acting to politics, some successfully, most NOT.  I lived in California when Ronald Reagan became governor, and based on his efforts in the state, I voted for him the first time he ran for President.  But, by the end of his first term, with the deficit burgeoning, I had lost all the starry-eyed wonder.  Trump doesn't even have that experience!  He THINKS running a successful empire and becoming one of the wealthiest men around makes him qualified to run the country - not even close, Donald!

If this country does the unthinkable, and elects the Donald, I think we will be in for a horrible and devastating term, and only one!  By that time, he will have been shown to be unable to work within the tri-point governing system we have.  Both parties will eat him alive.

So, chuckle at the comic, but remember that politics is not business - even on the Donald's scale.  Think before you vote, and think carefully, realistically and responsibly!

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