Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Franklin Graham is a disgrace!

I grew up listening and admiring the Rev. Billy Graham, but I can only look on is disgust now at what his son is now doing.  Franklin is taking stands and making statements his father would not have dreamed of taking!  He is using innuendo and insinuation to try to promote his POLITICAL views.  Billy, as a minister of the gospel of Christ, avoided taking political stands.  That is a lesson that his own son, Franklin, needs to learn!  He is showing his Republicanism in his public statements - Barak Obama, he infers, is Muslim and just claims to be Christian; Barak Obama may not be a natural born citizen of this country.

Franklin, I was taught to keep my mouth shut on political endorsement way back when I was in seminary in the 70's.  It is a lesson that has been enforced several times since throughout my professional career as a pastor.  You walk perilously close to a line that could cost you the ability to run a non-profit organization as such.  Churches and pastors over the last 30 years have crossed that line, and have lost, rightfully, the right to be non-profit. 

Everyone who listens to this man, remember his father, remember who they both claim to follow, and remember that the gospel never calls for us to insinuate or use innuendo to destroy anyone.  Jesus illustrates in his own life, we are to act honestly toward those with whom we deal.  Franklin needs to shut his mouth and get back to the mantle he took over from his father!

Enough said!

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