Monday, April 4, 2011

Arrogant, Unfeeling, Bigot . . .

The man I'll only call Terry Jones, because he doesn't deserve the honorific Rev. or Pastor, is an arrogant, unfeeling, bigoted embarrassment to the Christ's name and movement!  He dares to compare himself to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., saying he's ahead of his time.  How dare he besmirch the name of the good R. or the teachings of "his" master!  How dare he!

He burns another faith's holy book "to make a point," and has no concern for the innocents  that have been injured or killed by the radical elements of that faith group, not even realizing how similar that radical element truly is to his own position!  Indeed, I would say that Terry might want to go give and take lessons from them about how to incite hatred, violence and suffering in the name of one's "religious" views.

The true Christian (little Christ) is one who seeks to respect, love and serve the people around them, even while trying to teaching a better way to relate not only to people, but to God and the creation.  Just take a look at the life and teaching of the Master, or the life of his disciples after that first Easter - people who taught, healed, served -- not who prodded, incited and ridiculed so that their opponents decided to riot and hurt or kill others because of their own activities.  Did any of them suffer martyrdom?  Yes.  Will Terry?  Let's hope not!  He doesn't deserve it!

Wake up, Mister Jones, you aren't another Martin Luther King, Jr., nor another Jesus.  You, my sad "friend" are more like Simon who tried to buy the power of the Spirit for personal gain and fame.

Think about it, and don't let this maniac ruin the name of our Master and Teacher!

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