Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Idiocy from the Right

OK, so Warren Buffet says tax millionaires, and in the current economic situation that only makes sense, but the Republicans are fighting Obama's plans to tax the wealthy - why, because that's tapping their financial base!  Even the wealthy understand, whether they like it or not, that they are getting a free ride in an economy that is killing the middle-class, but the Republicans can't see it.  Why am I not surprised, given what has transpired for the last 12 years?  Bush put us in this mess, Obama hasn't necessarily improved it, but he's tried - what have the Right done to help?  Gridlock and block every attempt to move forward -- yes, that's the party I want leading our country into the future, sure.  You had better be able to see the oozing sarcasm dripping off and oozing out of that line, my friends!!

And all the Right can do, while the President is trying to start the employment growth we need, is try to upstage him with more of the help the rich, so it will trickle down to the poor --- we learned that didn't work when Reagan tried it!  Get real, people, stop voting on the basis of catch phrases and nice sounding rhetoric.  Start looking at who is REALLY trying to help this country and start supporting the President as he tries to help!!