Sunday, May 8, 2011

If the Dalai Lama . . .

can say it, I guess I need to add my own  thoughts.  Revenge seems something so strongly innate that we humans are unable to grow out of our need for it.  Someone doesn't something we find horribly wrong, or even horribly embarrassing, and we want revenge.  In the case of bin Osama, yes, I found September 11, 2001 a day that will live in infamy, even more so than Pearl Harbor.  Yet, in truth, both were acts of war, an inhuman and horrible activity we, again, seem unable to grow beyond.

I'm saddened by the vengefully, gleefully raised voices around me, gloating over, or questioning the truth of claims Osama is dead.  I'm saddened that we continue to engage in war, that we cannot get beyond the "us versus them" mentality that sets us up for this type of horror.

I truly pray we may begin to grow into our full potential, ending war, finding ways to honor our dead and bring a healthier climate to our world.  And, like that spiritual leader who is currently country-less, I understand the death, and the reaction.  I am still saddened, as I was saddened at the deaths of thousands of world citizens - not just Americans that died in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, or the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.  I'm saddened by any death, because it ends of life, and, in some cases, ends the possibility that someone one may learn, may change, may be able to say, "I'm truly sorry for the harm I've done."

May God grant us true and real growth into the image in which we were made.


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