Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blame the Immigrants . . .

I agree with the MSNBC host who said immigration is only frightening, if you don't know our history as a nation; if you do, immigration is an open door to new energy, new hope for our country.  Last night, a co-worker quoted a couple of "analysts" who in part blamed the current fiscal mess on "all the Mexicans" who have come into the country over the last several decades - now, why is it that it is only now a problem? 

I pointed out that it seems more likely our over-infatuation with capitalism is finally biting us in the backside!  We've taken it to every country we could, touted its greatness, and are now finding that we don't like it biting us!  Corporations are finding that cheaper labor overseas means higher profits at home.  Other nations are finding that they can turn the tables on us, and we are indebted to some of these to significant levels.  All because of that wonderful system that is also giving us ridiculously high gas prices, cars  that are priced higher than my parents bought their four-bedroom-ranch home in CA for and have to be paid off in 20% of the time they had. 

Welcome to the world we helped create, my fellow global citizens!  Wake up, and smell the coffee, roses or whatever!  We are as much or more to blame than people who came here looking for the dream we pursue as well.  It's been our number one export and now reality bites.

Let's open up, see the reality of these new citizens, and start joining the rest of the world in that great global community - instead of building our walls higher, thicker and wider.  Maybe that will help us recapture some of our lost leadership role, put us more in touch with everyone else, and really help the world!

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