Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another spoof . . .

Here we go again!  Another "expert" whose figured the end of the world, this one for the second time, and, for the second time, was wrong.  Two points make me angry and sad!

First people won't even take the time to read the Bible to see what it says, or to learn enough to understand it -- simple, really, because Jesus said straight-forward that ONLY God KNOWS when.  Not that you can find a mystery code, or numbers will reveal -- ONLY GOD KNOWS!  Simple!!

Second, people were making money off people's fears about events they don't understand, but hope they are on the right side of -- as in, I hope I wake up in heaven when this is over!  It would be so much easier on us all, if people would simple do a little reading and thinking for themselves, instead of depending on the crackpots of the world to sort it all out for them.

Think!  It's why God gave you brain!

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