Monday, March 14, 2011

Sports Strikes

Why would I write about this, as a progressive?  Simply this, we taut the wonders of capitalism around the world - even when, as in the Green Revolution, it puts money in  the pockets of regimes who were supposed to feed their people - but when we start  to feel the unwelcome side of the system within our own country, we want to scream about the unfairness of the system.  Here's how to curb to high salaries, the high ticket prices, the high price of refreshment at the stadiums - don't go, don't buy tickets, don't buy refreshments at the stadium.  Do that for a single season, and the prices, and salaries will come down.  They need us, we don't need them. 

I enjoy watching my favorite sports as much as the next person, but I won't pay the inflated prices to go to the stadiums.  If taken, as I was for my 60th birthday, I won't buy refreshments at those inflated prices. 

We even follow this pattern with regard to our automobiles and gas prices.  Yes, I know we need to get to work, to shop, etc.  But stop to realize that slowing down will slow the consumption of gas, make you safer, and help pull the petroleum companies back from their triple digit profit margins.  They have figured out that we LOVE our cars - a trip to the end of the block for something at the convenience store is another trip in the car - and they are making us pay for it!  We grumble, but we pay their exorbitant rates, then drive fast and with poor driving habits to speed through that tank of gas and repeat the whole process.

Where is the reasoning mind of the country that likes to call itself the best country in the world?  We've become a flock of bleating sheep!  We are being fleeced, and we won't do anything to stop it! 

Capitalism!  Charge what the MARKET will bear - guess what, folks, we ARE the market.  Stop buy, car pool, walk, slow down; the prices will come down.  That's the way the system works.  Until we are all ready to do this, we will get fleeced!

I'm currently using a county highway to get to and from work, driving 40 miles an hour, and I will drive for better than a full work week on a single tank of gas.  Driving on the state highway, at posted speeds, I frequently had to fill up more than once a week.  When I shop, I look at store brands, and name brands to see where I can save money.  I won't buy a new car, when a used vehicle will do just as well.

Wake up, and smell the coffee, people!  We have the ability to impact the financial state of this nation, IF we are willing to give up some of our conveniences.  It's up us - the companies will NOT voluntarily bring prices down -- Katrina and other situations have shown us that they are happy to gouge our pocketbooks.

Think about it!

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