Monday, March 28, 2011

Polotical Blame Game

Listening to  Morning Joe this morning, I heard a great comment from Mika - that the President did what congressional leaders wanted him to do before becoming involved in the coalition to help the rebel forces in Libya - he waited, assessed, tried to negotiate to avoid involvement, and finally went in when it was apparent that nothing was going to work, he agreed to be in the coalition, with limited goals, and a limited time frame.  Yet, in spite of this, he is attacked by the right for not approaching congress first, though I don't recall the same argument being raised when "Duibyah" sent American troops into Iraq without approaching congress first - not even from Democrats!  So, we have simply another vignette of political blame game going on - hyped by the coming campaign season.

I continue to hope the citizenry of this great nation will one day wake up, and start holding congressional representatives accountable for two-faced actions and positions - whatever side of the aisle they sit on.  If you represent your people, represent them before you represent some strangely extreme political platform driven by people who want a return to isolationism and blatant prejudice against anyone "not like us."  If we are to be the nation we say we are, immigrants need to be welcomed and celebrated for what they bring to our culture.  We seem to be delighted with Asian foods, cars, electronics and technology; but some would push those Asian citizens right off the West Coast!  We are in love with Mexican food, produce largely worked and harvested by undocumented workers from Mexico, but want to run every Hispanic person south of the border, then become a fortified bastion of "White" nationalism.  Wake up, people, Asians helped build the rail system we now rely on to move freight around this nation.  Hispanic undocumented workers have helped create some of the wealthiest farmers in our nation, and some states are even willing to look the other way in order to allow farmers to bring in seasonal workers, who are paid lower wages and kept in horrible housing "camps."   How do I know this?  I worked in one of those camps!  Housing was thin clapboard dormitories with paper thin walls  Meals were skimpy, and the work from shortly after sunrise until late evening.  Violence was a part of camp life.

Now, ask yourself how many American workers would want to voluntarily take such conditions, work hours and wages?  Most of the jobs immigrants are taking are jobs Americans consider below their station!

Let's show we are serious about addressing the problems of our nation and stop the political blame game, and stop those in office who want to play the same game!

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