Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachmann Syndrome

Rep. Bachmann is creating a troubling climate for the Republican Party that could be the best hope of the Democrats for a big win in 2012!  Why?  Listen to the woman!  She's one of those who have come to use freedom of speech to encourage treason and violence based on intolerance and sectarianism.  Her mouth opens, and the s#*t starts to fly, ridiculous claims drop like dew from spring flowers, and the hatred at the core of her position is painted graphically for those willing to see.

Yes, I agree, she represents the "hard edge" of the Tea Party, and,  truthfully, of the Republican party.  The HARD, INTOLERANT, BIGOTED edge of the far right political movement.  This position has the potential to turn this country into a war zone with many factions seeking either control or safety.  It is undeniable that the Tea Party spokespersons have called for revolution, have stated that it might be necessary for a shooting solution.  It is undeniably true that they have begun to show just how bigoted they are, with comments that are racist, positions that move women's rights back 50 years, that set a social climate that targets gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender citizens, and has offered little in a positive, healing content.

As one television commentator said, if the adults of the Republican party don't stand up against the growing right within their own "right" party, they will hand the Democrats another 4 years at the very least.  We need two vital parties that will debate and work with one another, not a party afraid to stand up, and another riddled with extremists that encourage not freedom and democracy but legislative dictatorship by one party.

Please, regardless of your political position, start to work for a positive atmosphere, where elected officials work together for the good of the country and the world.  Start recognizing that we are one house on a global block, and we must start acting like good neighbors, not the block police force or bully. 

Think about it!

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