Monday, December 13, 2010

There's that "H" wprd again!

Rachel nailed it again!  She just aired a story that shared the hypocrisy of Republicans once again through the hypocritical stance of Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.  It seems that the good Sen. Hatch, during the Clinton years, proposed an individual mandate for health care insurance; yet now that same good Sen. Hatch has declared that a judge's decision against the individual mandate was "a great day for liberty."  Huh?  Your own decision just became objectionable because it was brought into being by the Democrats?  Is that what you are telling us, Sen. Hatch?  Sounds like moves by other Republicans since this President took office - what you pushed for a few years ago has now become anathema to your party and you yourself attack yourself over your previous positions - and are completely unable to admit mistakes or hypocrisy.  McCain has done it, even to the point of standing in complete opposition to his own family.  Others have also been shown to have reversed completely positions they espoused just a short time ago.

Since when does an idea become good if one party thinks it up, but horrid if the other thinks it up?  Since when does only the religious/political right have the good ideas?  Where would this country be today, if only the Tories had good ideas during the late 1700s?  Where would we be if only the Segregationists had the good ideas during the Civil War and Reconstruction years?  Where would this country be if the Texans had succeeded at becoming a separate nation?

Come on, Congressional leaders!  Get with it!  I work for Wal-mart, and will admit freely the problems within the corporate structure, but also think Sam had one amazing thing to say to all of us within and outside our company -- "Listen to our associates (employees),.  They are our best generators of new ideas."  You need to start listening to the real voice of this nation, and acting accordingly.  If you did, several of the divisive issues would have been dealt with.  Freedom of speech allows everyone, including those in diametric opposition to share their voice, but it doesn't say that a small but vocal minority can hold the nation hostage over their particular hot button issue.

Hypocrisy?  I recall a quote from a professor I greatly admired in Seminary - a conservative religious leader with a sharp, insightful mind - when a fellow student raised the "position" that people had stopped going to traditional churches because of all the hypocrites in those churches, "You can either be in the church with the hypocrites, or spend eternity with them."  Now, over my lifetime, my own beliefs about eternity have evolved, and I'm not sure we would still see eye to eye on them, but his insight is important!  We won't get rid of hypocrites, but we don't have to let them control our lives or our country!

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