Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Indication

There is yet another the Republicans, Tea Party-ers and religious and political righties have no intention of working with progressives for things the citizens of the nation want, but instead will dictate their particular view of what life in this nation should be - benefits for the rich, paid for by the middle class.  What do I speak of now?  The announced plan to repeal health care legislation that passed on a partisan vote simply because the hate-mongers kept enough pressure on that Republican legislators weren't willing to represent their constituents and vote their desire for that legislation.

You will recall that earlier I mentioned an avowed aim of erasing any good thing our current President has accomplished, to obstruct and stone-wall at every turn, unless they are, of course, controlling the direction of legislation and policy-making.  Sounds bipartisan, doesn't it?  Sounds like congressional leaders REALLY interested in the diminishing middle class, doesn't it?  Sounds like more of what I have come to expect from McConnell, Boehner and the rest from that side of the aisle!  More of play by my rules, or I'll take my marbles and go home!

That really strikes me as adult, mature, reasonable and reasoned leadership.  A prime example?  Well, GOP leader and spokesperson Rush Limbaugh or his mini-me Glenn Beck and the other far right windbags at FOX News.  And if anyone happens to offer a reasoned rebuttal to their gas explosions, then the heat is turned up full tilt and try to get rid of them.  Note efforts in the recent past to get Kieth Olbermann and Rachel Maddow out of the way, lying about their stories, their staff and what their network plans for them; oh, and refusing offers to come on those shows to defend their positions.

I don't need Kieth or Rachel to show what the Republicans, Tea Party-ers and religious/political right have become, I just listen to what comes from that side of the aisle.  Wake up, my friends, because if we don't start standing up to this, it will become the direction of this nation with more and more powerful commercial interests dictating just how little they will be willing to pay for the services of the common people doing the work that nets them their millions - while spouting drivel about really caring for the common people.

I want the corporations to make money, but I also want them to be honorable and honest, caring and concerned about the welfare of the people who work for them, buy their products or services, and are direction affected by their policy decisions.  I want them held accountable when they ignore safety standards to make a better bottom line, when they send people into unsafe working conditions and disasters happen.  Why?  Because it is right and proper to do so!  Plain and simple.

Think about it, and be truly honest with yourself as you do.  That's all I ask!

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