Friday, December 3, 2010


Sen. John McCain has really gone of the deep end!  He's flying in the face of his daughter's orientation, flying in the face of his wife's support of repealing DADT, and, in something we have come to expect from the far right political machine, has stooped to insulting the people who are in a better position to make the determinations and former service member John McCain.  He flies in the face of history, and shows his paranoid reaction to those whose sexual orientation is different than his own.  One has to wonder what Mr. McCain would have reacted to a such insults and questions of his ability and qualifications to make the decisions, as he did to his Commander in Chief and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

All I can say to the senator is, "Grow up, son!"  I don't care if he's older than I, he's acting like a kid with a chip on his shoulder.  In his position of leadership, John McCain needs to stop acting like a teen aged boy with an attitude problem, and start acting like a leader who has in fact served honorably and with distinction as a former prisoner of war.  Whether he realizes it or not, McCain, probably has served alongside gar service men.

What McCain and those who are with him in this position, are perpetuating social attitudes that have existed for ages - if you are same-sex-oriented, hide it!  Get married, have children, and hide your true orientation in secrecy and deception.  How sad that a person who speaks so much of honor, feels a need to force others to live in deception. 

And I have listened to service men who served with known gay service people, that said they knew and it didn't make a bit of difference, because they knew this person had their back, would support and protect them just as they would him.  It seems to me these service people are far more mature and prepared to address the repeal of DADT than McCain.

This nation's religiouslyy conservative element has mired the social conscience in a bygone era and in ignorance and prejudice.  When confronted with science, they stick their heads deep into the much and mire they thrive in and deny it or create pseudo-science to support their point of view.  I have heard science that supports that sexual orientation is genetically determined, and that has been for four decades or more.  During that same time, I've heard repeatedly that the supposed "cures" for same-sex-orientation simply do not work, that those who are "cured" later return to the lifestyle because it is who they are.  I have worked side by side with same-sex-oriented persons, and found them to be persons of deep faith, deep compassion - more than their detractors show them - and deep respect for the feelings and concerns of others.  I wish I could say the same about those homophobic mouthpieces for the religious right.

It's time we stop putting people down for being different, whether for skin color, national origin, gender, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation.  God makes us who we are, so let's celebrate the gifts God gives us, not try to second guess the Creator!

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