Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Revisited

One of the angers I feel, surprisingly, aims directly at some of my fellow progressives - specifically at those who want to demonize those who serve in our country's military.  Why that anger, because their demonizing of these people shows a two-faced danger.  They rely on there service people to protect the freedoms they flaunt, but then try to make them monsters that betray the freedoms they fight for. 

Do I think all military people are paragons of virtue?  No, I've seen too many stories of people who over-react or let their true nature come out and slaughter innocents.  There are some demons in our military, but those demons exist in churches, corporations, social service organizations, and as mercenaries who fight for money - money determines who there enemy is, not whether someone has become a true threat to humankind.  But I've known too many of those who serve, who do so with honor and devotion to duty, following orders and protecting not only our citizens, but those who are innocent and in need of protection as well.  I've heard too many stories of the selfless acts of soldiers who give up their lives  to protect others, who have shown enormous character and grace through their acts and thus made allies for us in the most unlikely places. 

Our military people are just like us - PEOPLE, with all the faults and bright spots of brilliance as the rest of us.  So, let's all learn to honor the service, the service men and women, while keep an eye out for those demons wherever they may be - realizing there are demons in Democratic circles as well as Republican circles, and I could name a few that I think are there, but you know them as well as I do.

Remembering their service, we need to be a nation that honors our commitment to those who serve, providing jobs and care for them when they return home.  Providing a seriously meaningful debriefing process that makes them able to re-enter society without battle honed instincts that might threaten others through no fault of the returning service personnel.  Yes, I've seen, heard and read those stories as well.

Don't get me wrong, I think we as a race need to start looking for some way other than war to solve differences between nations, but some leaders will simply not respond to attempts to peacefully solve differences, and truly become threats to the whole world.  Hitler is perhaps the easiest personality to point to - he was a truly evil person who affects a nation-wide mania to rid the German people of any HE determined to be defective or less than the "super humans,"  The armies of free world needed to rid the world of this leader and his cadre of similar demons.  But we need to be growing beyond that as a race.

But for now, it is ultimately important for us to honor our nation's military personnel, their service and sacrifice and live up to our commitment to them.

Thank you, Navy sailors, Army soldiers, Air Force airmen and women, and Marines!

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