Sunday, November 21, 2010

True Colors

I don't think any progressive or honest person was surprised when the Republicans went into stall mode as Congress got ready to get back to work after the mid-term elections.  That party has shown itself in recent years to be long on rhetoric and very, very short on truly wanting to work for the betterment of this nation.  They are willing to send us into wars based on trumped up information, but unwilling to work with the current president to end  that war, claiming he is weakening our nation in the world.  They claim to want to help working Americans by extending cuts, but even the very rich in this country understand that the time has come for the rich to pay taxes, instead of getting breaks the common worker can never match!  Who in their right mind thinks it is fair, right or good for the country when the topmost of the wealthy pay a lower rate of  tax than the middle income people who carry  the nation on their taxes and work?  Yet that is just what the Republicans want to do!

I remember when Steve Forbes ran for President and wanted to initiate a flat tax of 10 percent on everyone, no exemptions.  Many decried that thought, but perhaps Mr. Forbes indeed had it right.  If everyone simply had 10 percent of their earnings given over as their tax, it would simplify the mad tax scramble every year, and the government would have more money to work with,, because the rich and the corporations would also be chipping in to support the nation's efforts to encourage economic growth and erase the deficits that were created by the Republican president and control of Congress which preceded the current administration.  Democrats have been charged with reducing and removing the deficit the last two times they have controlled Congress, and occupied the White House - while the Republicans have taken a healthy economy and trashed it!  And still they portray themselves as "fiscal conservatives.?"

Time to wake up, folks, and smell the real garbage in Washington and in the states!  Let's look for and elect fiscally responsible people, and let the Republicans and Tea Party cool their heels until they understand the difference between calling oneself a fiscal conservative and acting like one needs to do all possible to line one's own pockets at the expense of anyone you can put below you.

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  1. Justin and I were talking about healthcare, and we agreed that maybe what the government should do like Europe does. Tax everyone really high, but college is free, healthcare is free, etc.