Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deficit Reduction Plans?!

This morning I was listening to the hosts of Morning Joe and was struck by the information about the panel considering reducing the national debt.  The proposals are radical in the extreme, drawing criticism from several sources.  One says the plan throws the nation's seniors to dogs, under the bus - choose your metaphor.  The hosts talked about the amazing proposal to rewrite the tax code so there are no exemptions, one commenting that the current code certainly needed amending given that heads of "small businesses" that are actually national corporations, and pay a lower rate of taxation than a plumber.  There was nothing but incredulity in the tone of his comments.

I find myself in complete agreement.  A proposal that the retirement age be raised, yet again, because is has been raised again.  That proposal isn't particularly surprising, and is probably consistent with the realities of our age.  I personally don't think I'll be retired much before the age of 70, simply because the two crashes of the stock market since I started a retirement account have devastated the nest egg I thought I had set aside to take care of my wife and I in our senior years. 

How do I feel about such plans, well, it's a mixed feeling.  Some of my feeling is that shock at the amount lost to us, by a system that should have helped protect out investment.  Some is a feeling that this is simply more of what we have seen in recent years.  I'm dismayed to have become so skeptical of our elected officials, but there it is!  Anybody else feeling the same way?

Angry, writing, and planning to write again.

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