Monday, February 14, 2011


I am finding myself more and more incensed by the attacks of anti-abortionists on doctors who provide a legally recognized and acceptable procedure to women.  I vehemently disagree with those on the radically right fringe, BUT I do NOT encourage my friends or those who think like I do to go out and kill those on the RRF!  I do NOT post "Wanted" ads on my blog site or through email, asking others to plan and execute violence against the RRF.  So, why is it acceptable for those on the RRF, especially those in the anti-abortion movement, to do these things, and to brag about "successful fatal attacks as a means of stopping what they claim to be against.  I would defy any of those in the groups mentioned to show where the so-called Christian faith of their profession allows for this sort of violent attacks! 

Short of an Old Testament period when Israel's prophets and scripture writers were focused on the nation's ability to gain a land and build a nation, God hasn't been a God that says, "Hey, go kill those who don't believe as you do, because that's a reasonable way to effectively stop those things you don't agree with."  And, if they will look closely and with an open-mind at the New Testament, they will find that Jesus doesn't condone violence as a means to stopping evil - even when that evil was aim at his own death.

It was a lesson so powerfully learned by those closest to Jesus, that when THEY were faced with violence to stop them, THEY also stood against violence to protect themselves.

Yet, NOW, we have those who claim - claim, but don't show any real belief in the teachings of their master - the name of the Christ, say that it is "acceptable" to God, to the Church, and to Society to kill in order to stop those whose beliefs are different from theirs.  These people defile my beliefs, the foundations of this country, and the basis of a common faith in the God who is creator of all.

They exaggerate, politicize and ignore the truth about those people with whom they disagree.  Most who support a woman's legal right to an abortion, most, also would like to see abortion become totally unnecessary in our society.  How do we accomplish that?  Why, by respecting individuals - not raping children or unwilling women (even wives, because "No," means NO!), by making sure EVERY child is wanted, and teaching our children - who are doing the same things children have been doing for centuries - how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies.  Midwives have, for centuries, known and made available plants and concoctions that would abort unwanted pregnancies; but a male-dominated society didn't want that to happen, because it meant they didn't have the power and control of their world as they thought they did.

I don't care whether you believe in abortion or not; I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat or Independent; I don't care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or some other faith - it is time for us to stand together and say, "We WILL NOT tolerate violent attacks to show opposition to another's beliefs - but will in fact STAND TOGETHER to say each person in this country is allowed to determine their own belief system in a constitutionally protected right!  It is time for the wackos learn we won't tolerate this violent approach!

Don't be silent!  Think about it, and speak up!

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