Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Michelle Bachmann

Michelle!  Get a life!

This woman, quickly becoming an icon of today's GOP, can't keep her feet out of her mouth!  Now, she's picking a fight with Michele Obama over rules that would allow new mothers to breast feed at work or to get breast pumps to help them keep their children growing on mother's milk rather than formula or cow's milk.  Hmm, Michelle, I've heard for decades that mother's milk is much better for newborns, improving their immune system and helping them have a healthier start to life - are you saying we should just tell mothers NOT to give the best start possible to their children, or that we should tell employers they can fire new mothers, because they "shouldn't" be able to breast feed at work?  Sounds like some of the backward people I new in the mid 70s!  People who said they wouldn't be offended if a new mother breast feed, then criticized her for doing so, in spite of her being careful not to subject them to the sight of her breast.

The GOP desperately needs to decide if they want to be considered a serious political party, and simply a gathering group for a wildly crazy group of people.  Limbaugh, Beck, Bachmann, and others simply are making the grand old party look wackier and wackier.  I can only hope some one's good sense starts to function, and soon. 

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