Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michelle Who? Really?

Can it really be true that a psycho like Michelle Bachmann thinks she has a shot at the presidency?  Does she think that a repeat of the Palin fiasco is likely to succeed a second time around?  After all of her completely off  the wall rhetoric, after what to me was truly seditious speech, the woman should be running for the north woods and hiding herself away from the very people she SAYS she represents!  She is just as rabid with her speech as the FORMER Alaskan governor, or Rush, or Beck, or any of the others willing to incite unrest rather than trying to bring the people of the nation together to help turn things around. 

Rather than help people out of work, she's one of those calling for reductions of social services, saying that to try to help people is socialism, that all those who had life going well for them should get their guns and protect their rights  to have all they wanted and more, while others were forced to live on absolute minimums of resources - if that.  And now she wants to be sent to Washington D.C. as the commander in chief?  I cannot imagine being asked to follow the leadership of someone like that!

What other war would we find ourselves involved in?  How many other people, citizens of this country or those who listened to the plaque on the Statue of Liberty about the huddled masses, hungry and poor coming here for a new and better life will be sent back into deadly situations, or turned out on the streets because some banker talked them into more of a loan than they needed, or because their job was gone, and they couldn't pay the bills? 

And on top of hear that kind of stuff, we learn that Comcast, who had bought NBC, wanted Olbermann off the air - the cornerstone and foundation of the MSNBC prime time and late night lineup - and they managed it!  Am I unhappy Keith getting the settlement he did?  No.  Would I like a similar settlement to get me to leave my job?  You bet, but no one is going to buy up Wal-mart and get rid of me, because I'm a loud voice AGAINST the nastiness of the Right.  So, I don't need to worry, or do I with people like Bachmann and Palin wanting to take over the White House?!  I'll tell you the truth, that last is a truly scary thought to me!  Truly scary!!  It should be to you as well!

Think about it!

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